Our Know-How

We can measure everything! Not true. Very high voltages (10,000V) or scan frequencies in the gigahertz range are not our metier. For measurements in the field of physical measurement technology, however, BMC Messsysteme GmbH is the right partner to contact.

Troubleshooting (Trigger and Prehistory)

You don't know when your signals show interferences? You don't know the signal line? You want to know how it came to a breakdown? Also in this case the software NextView together with our DAQ systems is the solution.

NextView provides a so-called trigger feature for each line. That means the scan starts as soon as a defined level or range of values has been reached. In this way data are only recorded in case of an error. This saves disc space and spares you the annoying search for disturbances.

And how did it come to the breakdown? To find this out, NextView features the prehistory function. Simply define that signals are to be recorded e.g. 30 seconds before reaching the trigger value.

Unlimited Scan Duration (Long-term Measurement)

You want to record 364 days, 24 hours. No problem with our software NextView! Thanks to multi-scan technology developed by BMC Messsysteme, you can record measuring signals as long as you want. How you do that?

NextView can change a file during a running scan (=storage to hard disc). Simply define for how long you want to write in one measuring file (e.g. 4 hours).

After this time, NextView will generate a new measuring file and write in the new one. You will not loose a single measuring value, even with high sampling rates!
Now you can move the created measuring files, make backups, and your hard disc will never be full…

Measure Many Signals (Multiple Measuring System)

If very different signals are brought in correlation, you often achieve exciting and really significant results in measurement technology. The DAQ systems of BMC Messsysteme GmbH record several signals at the same time. The time shift of the channels to each other is constant and can be ignored basically.

With the devices of the LAN product line, you can record hundreds of channels by cascading the DAQ systems. All channels are sampled with a time-reference to each other. The distributed DAQ systems act like one multi-channel measuring system.

Measure Slow and Fast Signals Simultaneously

In cases, when scanning a vibration signal with 100kHz sampling rate (acceleration sensor or straing gauge measurement), for example, and the slowly changing temperature profile also has to be recorded, saving the temperature with such a high sampling rate, too, does not make sense.

The solution from BMC Messsysteme GmbH allows for setting the storage ratio for each channel separately. Slow signals are stored with a low data rate and fast ones with a high data rate.

Switch Measuring Ranges

With the professional data acquisition systems from BMC Messsysteme, you can choose the measuring range (±1V, ±2V, ±5V, ±10V) for each channel to get the best resolution for your measuring values. Without any influence to the scan frequency.

Check the products of our competitors: Sometimes the scan frequency is considerably reduced when changing the measuring range. Just compare!

Different Measuring Quantities

You want to measure temperature, pressure, distance, and much more. No problem with measurement equipment from BMC Messsysteme GmbH.

With our measuring amplifiers of the MA and MAL line, you can connect almost every sensor to our data acquisition systems. And of course, our software NextView will show the signals with the correct physical unit.

Data Acquisition in Real-Time

Real-time? What does that mean? The professional DAQ systems from bmcm sample measuring signals in an interval constant in time (equidistant, without jitter). The interval is highly precise due to the quarz technology used. This is essential for the exact evaluation of signals.
For various continuative analyses (FFT), however, it is absolutely necessary, as wrong results might be calculated otherwise.

It is also possible on the other side that real-time means you want to know at what time an event occurred. This is possible with the devices of the LAN product line as they provide a real-time protocol (NTP) allowing for the synchronization to time servers.

Resolution and Accuracy

Resolution and accuracy are identical? No! Resolution tells you in how many steps a measuring signal is digitalized. For example, with 12-bit resolution the smallest measurable difference is 0.0024V (= 10V/4096), whereas with 16-bit resolution 0.00015V (= 10V/65536) can be achieved.

Accuracy on the other side depends on different parameters mainly such as temperature and the noise of the DAQ system.
For more than 20 years, BMC Messsysteme GmbH has been gathering know-how to retrieve the best from the A/D converters. Check it out!

Display and Analyze Measuring Data

Show and record measuring data. That's it. Not quite! Moving around in a great number of measuring data easily and fast is a specialty of the all-in-one solution NextView.
Almost playfully search for the demanded results. Analyze and document the recorded signals.
Easy export in different formats and a professional print-out are understood.